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October 31, 2005

Alife x Reebok!!!


Really fantastic collaboration between Alife NYC and Reebok. The Pump basketball shoe in a tennisball design. Nothing more to say.



Limited Edition Retail Mafia Motorla i835!!!


The companies participating in the Retail Mafia, now came out with limited edition cover designs for the Motorla i835. Here a quick look at the one, designed by alife. There are others by J.Money, SSUR, Situannormal. aNYthing, and all the others. Check them all out over at The Hundreds.



New aNYthing line!!!


Here a little look at what there is to come from aNYthing. There are some great all-over prints and also some nice collaborations, for example with artist Ryan McGinley. Look out for it in stores soon. Via Hypebeast.



Nike Retro Running!!!


Over at Chapterworld they now received the complete lineup of the Nike Retro Running sneakers. Nice colorways are available, especially the brown/orange ones are great. The little runner on the side is also a nice add-on.



New gear at Ace Web!!!


Ace Web has also received some great new gear. They now have this simple, yet great looking eYe zip up pullover. Even more exciting is the Ape stadium jacket with the big Planet of the Apes head on the back.




Supreme 'Knowledge Reigns' hat!!!


This great Supreme ' Knowledge Reigns ' New Era hat is now available in all colors at Apollo NYC. Definitely one of the nicest ones, going along the same design as the World Famous hat by Supreme. Hurry, because these always sell out really fast.



October 27, 2005

Triumvir Fall/Winter collection pre-sale!!!


The Tiumvir Fall/Winter collection presale is starting Nov. 1rst. Don't miss it, some exciting stuff waiting for you, thats for sure.



Burton Ronin Espionage jacket!!!


Here something new from Burton. This jacket actually features a custom build-in digital camera. Quite crazy. Available for 499$. On Burton.com one can check the technical specs.



Viktor & Rolf store Milan!!!


Usually I do not write about these kind of brands, but Viktor & Rolf, are a little different than everybody else and that makes it a lot of fun. Viktor and ROlf are two dutch fashion designers, that have become more and more popular recently, especially after the launch of their first parfum, FlowerBomb, media has caught on to them. Now they opened their first flagship store in Milan and it is again, very special. Because when you check out the pictures, you might think, that I posted them twisted, but I did not. The store is made that way. Quite cool.




Its definitely an experience. Don't miss it, when next time in Milan.



Honeyee.com launches with great features!!!


Honeyee.com, the new japanese lifestyle online magazine, finally launched and they start off with great stuff. Check out the Nike iD feature, Hiroshi Fujiwara showing his latest favorite products and a lot more. This is definitely a site you should all bookmark and check once in a while.



Methamphibian x In4mation tee and dunk!!!

Here just a pic via MrKimsays showing not only the dunk of the collaboration of Methamphibian and In4mation, there is also some clothing going along with it. Love the Hawaii writing in Methamphibian style. Do not forget to participate in the draw to get your hands on the very limited dunk.




October 26, 2005

The Billionaire Boys Club Preview!!!


Slam was nice enough to provide the collection preview from Japanese Boon Magazine of Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. Here some impressions of the stuff we expect soon in stores.






Application for Bape Membercards start!!!


Applications for the new Bape Membership Cards are starting. Now there are two different cards, a green and a gold one.

"Bape Official Member's Card is now accepting applications. There are two type of card, the normal card and the gold card. With those cards, you will earn 5 points if you spend 1000Yen. You will be able to use those points to get some very exclusive items from Bapemania on Bape.com. If you apply for the gold card, you will recieve a special Bape magazine with the latest news twice a year." Via Hypebeast.



Busy Work Shop Taipei opening!!!


Freshnessmag have some great pictures of the opening event of the Busy Works Taipei Shop. As usual loads of people and a lot of hype. Check it out here.



Diamond and Bones launch party!!!

Here just quick impressions from the Diamond and Bones launch event in Rome. There is a lot to come from Luigi and his crew.





PSP Designer cases now available!!!


These fantastic PSP Designer cases by Miu Miu and Pucci are now available over the Colette online store. Check it out here.



Fafi Event pics at Colette!!

Here some pics of the Colette windows, arranged for the Fafi Event, which was presented by Span of Sunset.




These customized Dr. Romanelli jackets are just amazing!!!



October 25, 2005

95 Gallery Wrong Party and Release of "Also Known As"!!!


On the 4th of November there is the Wrong Party taking place at the 95 Gallery Berlin. With this event there will also take place the launch of the "Also known As" book, a book that elegantly explores graffiti and its impact on Modern Design. Featured in the book are people like Kaws, Futura 2000 and Todd James. The book was put together by the yet famous 12ozProphet. Do not miss out on this great event. RSVP to info@95gallery.com.



Span of Sunset presents Fafi event at Colette!!!


Span of Sunset inc. presents Fafi event at the world famous Colette:

Presentation of figure by Necessaries Toy Foundation and Fafi: "Irina" sculpted by "Monster 5" special edition "purple dress" just for Colette. Colette will be the only place in the world stocking
Fafi doll until December. Also at this event special collaboration between Dr.Romanelli and Fafi - 10 customized jackets for

Irina by Fafi for Colette: French graffiti princess Fafi introduces the new "Irina" pint-sized figurines  with a special "purple outfit" edition just for Colette.

October 24th at "Colette" 213 Rue St Honore Paris France

Do not miss this event. I am especially looking forward to the Dr. Romanelli customized jackets. Really great get together here.



Methamphibian x In4mation Release!!!




October 24, 2005

IRAK NYC Interview and Preview of New Collection!!!


IRAK NY began as a graffiti crew in New York City in the mid 1990s,EARSNOT (the illest shoplifter in New York.) Over the years the crew has developed into a clothing line and established the brand as a creative outlet for its members ( KSER, SACER, REHAB, GLACE, FANTA, KENT, TIE RIP, SETUP JUST TO NAME A FEW.). IRAK NY is about representing downtown NYC all over the world thoroughly and giving those who may not be able to visit the lower east side of Manhattan a taste of the life. Currently IRAK NY is carried by top retail stores in NYC, including Alife, SSUR, Union (LA and NY) and select boutiques around the globe. They have also done collaborations with Alife, aNYthing, ESPO (Steve Powers), Fucking Awesome and RockStar games.

Read now the Interview (which represents the whole crew) and get to know these guys better. You`ll notice pretty quick that this is real and that they really represent NYC, unlike many others.

HS: IRAK NY is already around since the mid 90`s. What was it at the time, how did it all start?

As as shoplifting crewn of graffitti writing degenerates. Me just Stealing anything I wanted cause I’m nice like that!. Me Rehab and Kent driving going OT to rack for a couple of days. Looking for loot n gear spots.

HS: Tell us something about the members, founders of IRAK NY?

I just did.

HS: Tell us, how did the crew develop into a clothing line? What were the drivers of that evolvement?

A lot of people are throwing that NY or NYC into their brand name, trying to cling to an image etc, Fuck that. We’ve been IRAK NY, before making gear ever even crossed our minds. As a brand, yeah were emerging, and were “new“ but we’ve been around for years, and most people that like our shit know that and respect it.


HS: What stands behind the clothing of IRAK NY? What is the brand philosophy?

Fuck that question that’s bullshit. NEXT!

HS: You guys are already carried in the hottest retail locations of NYC. Alife, SSUR and Union just to name a few. How did that come about? What is your connection to these outlets and the people behind them?

NYC is like one big circle jerk without the "Money Shot".

HS: You have already done collaborations with Alife, aNYthing, ESPO and others. How did that come about?

: Those are our cool hipster friends from the downtown scene that
we ride on the coat tails of...we got our knees dirty. But seriously Basically, at this point, anybody that we fuck with is on some personal shit. Like all those poeple, Aron, Dill, Espo, they are down with IRAK strtaight up. The crew, fuck the clothing line ya know We hope that we’ll maintain our standards to only collaborate or work weith people we really respect or feel understand where were coming from, or people with enough money to make us forget that they are wack.


HS: What are the future plans for IRAK NY? Any people you guys would love to collaborate with in the future? Any secrets you would like to let the HighSnobiety readers know already?

: Were gonna make some Dunks out of bacon for Nike SB, a human
flesh jacket for Marc Ecko. We'll prolly do a bunch more interviews
with the 5 million street wear/hipster culture websites. Also, we're
gonna help you re-design that horrible top-hat logo!


HS: Now some random questions to get to know you better, Kunle. What are your 5 favorite fashion brands?

Alife, Gucci, Anything, Louie V.,


HS: Your 5 favorite musicians? Ist hat also part of your influence?

Josie and the pussy cats, the bradey’s, the monkey’s you know the usual.


HS: Your 5 favorite websites that you check on a regular basis ? Except HighSnobiety!!!

Never heard of you!


HS: Good that we got together than, because now you have heard of us. Thanks a lot for having taken the time to talk to me. HighSnobiety is looking forward to hear a lot more from you guys. Keep up the great work and keep us posted.

Shout out to Irak Friend and Fam... oh yeah and the haters!


Irak NYC is hitting the planet soon with their new collection. We already gave you a preview of what there is to come and expect a lot more.

Purchase IRAK NY online at Cartel Goods!!!!



October 23, 2005

Gentlemen Bastards x HighSnobiety Banner!!!


Big Thank you to the Gentlemen Bastards for the new HighSnobiety Banner. If you like the design as much as we do, than head over to the Gentlemen Bastards Online store. The design also exists on a tee. Please also do not forget the Breast Cancer tee by them, it`s all for a good cause.



October 22, 2005

The Glade Vintage Section opens!!!


The Glade is always up for a surprise. Now they opened a new Vintage section. What does that mean:

"The-Glade Vintage
The-Glade Vintage is a new section which hosts a selection of outstanding pieces from the past. We all remember those instances where we let that one jacket pass, when we weren't sure, when we didn't have the funds. This is your second chance!

At The-Glade we are putting a lot of effort into offering you these gems from the past. Every piece that we will present to you has been inspected by us personally. Only if we are 100% sure of the authenticity of each product we will put it up. With each item, the buyer will receive a certificate of authenticity.

Finding a piece from 1985 is one thing, finding one which is in good condition another. All our items are in excellent condition - profesionally cleaned if not deadstock. We want you to feel secure when you purchase through us!"

Great idea and I am sure they will hunt down great pieces that a lot of people have been looking for. Also, when visiting The Glade, do not miss their constantly updated great publication section. Find their now Huge Magazine, Boon, Kaws publications, Made Mag, Relax and many others.



Gabriel Urist Custom Bling!!!


Gabriel Urist, the inventor of sneaker jewellery announces his custom bling. It will launch soon. This can only be exciting. Check back for more news on this.



Alife Rivington Club Fall Sale!!!


Don`t miss it!!!



Limited pre-release of the Basquiat at Vacant!!!


Vacant now has a limited number of RBK Basquiats in their Guerilla Online store. Only 4 days left to purchase. Hurry and do not miss the chance to get your hands on this beautiful sneaker with so much detail. Check it out here.



Fitted Hawaii opens its doors!!!


Fitted Hawaii has already been in the talks for long and finally they opened their doors. What is Fitted Hawaii? These guys actually concentrate on exclusive New Era hats and from what you can see from the store on the pictures, it does clearly look exclusive. Beautiful interior and nice alignment of the hats. Great work. Pics via Hypebeast.


Don`t miss it, when you are around in Honolulu.



FreshXclusives.com launched!!!


FreshXclusives is a brand new site, dedicated to fashion and everyhting that turns around it. That`s what the creator has to say about it:

"FreshXclusives.com was created initially to list clothing lines that I thought are unique and creative along with most being not relatively known to the masses yet either. But after some time and thinking I got more interested in furhtering the site so I decided to add a few features like making some reviews on some websites of clothing line. I also wanted people to get to know some of these creative people that's how the interview section came to life, and I will be adding new interviews every month. The interviews for Nov. should be real dope."

Check it out and be sure that it will become a valuable source of information. Check it out here.



October 21, 2005

Cartel Goods up and running!!!


With impatience we have been waiting of the opening of Cartel Goods. Today it finally happened. These guys really managed to gather the hottest brands. From Alife Rivington Club, Irak NYC, JustAnotherRichKid, J.Money Collection to Shmack, TheHundreds, WellBred... they have them all. Order custom made Gabriel Urist Jewellry and, and, and, and.... This will most definitely become one of the hottest online stores!!!

Check it out, purchase (because you will not be able to hold yourself back) at Cartel Goods!!!!



Swing: Kinemat x Idn Design Edge!!!


Great event coming up on the 11th of November in Singapur. The event is sponsored by Answer and Surrender. Expect a lot, with many international guests coming to the event. More info on Kinemat.com.



Anticone hoodies!!!!


The Bape hoodies were already special, when zipping them up all the way. These Anticone hoodies are a new interesting style of hoodie. The cut is great and the hood is clearly different. Nice work from this french brand and lets hope that they are in store soon. Via LaMJC.



Bounty Hunter Captn Bounch sweater!!!


Really cool new BountyHunter longsleeve over at Aceweb. Nice comic design and only available in very limited quantities.



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