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March 24, 2005

Blazer over Hoodie Trend - Not Zen at all!!!

Originally uploaded by djfischer.
Here is a little word to the trend of wearing a hoodie under a blazer. Lately one sees this more and more and I still do not understand whats all behind that.
Are you an adult or a teenager? Are you dressing up or dressing down? Are you going to a dinner party or after work drink or attending some sports event?
Is it maybe going to rain and thats why you need the hoodie?
I think these people should make up there mind, because these two things just look stupid together. All the skaters out there have to find a different way of dressing up and not just put a blazer on top of there hoodies.
And to the designers I have to say: Stop making BLazer/Hoodie 2-in-1 jackets, thats even more rediculous.
Done. Its all Zen again, but I had to let it out.




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