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June 04, 2005

Armani makes deal for 10 Hotels

armani hotels
Originally uploaded by djfischer.
Giorgio Armani, who has built his fashion label into a brand that covers anything from flower arrangements to furniture, has signed a deal to open at least 10 hotels and resorts bearing his name. Armani agreed the joint venture with Dubai's EMAAR Properties which will invest more than $1 billion in the hotels, taking care of the real estate, building and management of the luxury hangouts, both parties said on Tuesday. Armani will be in charge of the design and style of the hotels, which will be full of his homewear and furniture, fashion and beauty prodcuts.
The first one will most likely open in 2008 in the Burj Dubai Tower. After that Milan, London and NYC are next on the plan. Versace has already a few resorts and Bulgari opened an amazing hotel in Milan. I am sure the Armani resorts will be just as amazing, because whatever Armani touches becomes gold.




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