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June 26, 2005

The British Luxury Club !!!!!!

Founded by the HRH Prince Michael of Kent, this rather new gentlemens club (opened in 2004), is the latest addition to this sort of establishment.
Launched at Kensington Palace in September 2004 the British Luxury Club is recognised as one of the best membership associations in London. Membership is strictly by invitation only. The British Luxury Club provides the perfect mix of lifestyle and business. Included in the services are invitations to luxury events (whatever that means) and access to the luxury community. They also recently launched an Arts Club, while there is already a Wine Club, Film Club and Travel Club.
Membership in this club is 900 Pounds/year. That does not sound like too much, I guess getting in is the much harder task. Lately it`s getting a bit confusing, because new clubs of this sort just keep on popping out. But I have to admit, that the fact that this one was founded by the Prince of Kent, gives a bit of a bonus.




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