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June 29, 2005

Mekanism x John Maeda!!!!

Hey there,

I know it`s been all over the place already, but it`s such a nice collaboration, so that I have to point it out as well.
After its collaboration with the artist Invader ( I reported about his exhibition in NYC earlier), French company MEKANISM skateboards is giving carte blanche to John MAEDA for a limited-edition
John MAEDA is a world leading figure in the digital creation and its education. Prof essor at the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab, his goal is to reconcile man with machine by building a bridge between digital programming and aesthetic creation.
Multiplying the mediums of creation, John MAEDA already created digital animations for the Internet, posters for cultural events, illustrations
for magazines, photo digital montages as well as lithographies and interactive installations for exhibitions, advertising campaigns for great
Mixing with poetry, knowledge and sensitivity, he proves us how digital technology combined with a creative sense can give a new burst of
enthusiasm to the reading of our society.

This board is called “thrrrrrrust”, the concept is two thousand littlearrows arranged in a collage as a kind of representation of “thrust” as
often seen in physics films.

Hope thats enough info, but John Maeda is just an interesting guy. For more info on him, check here.




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