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July 10, 2005

The Armani Department Store Milan!!!

Here comes on of the major highlights during my Milan trip: The Armani Department Store.

Armani does not only have several shops in the italian fashion capital, he has his own 5 story deparment store. Truly overwhelming.

In there you find of course all current Armani brands and collections. This goes from Giorgio Armani, Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani to the jewelery/watch/sunglass collections, etc.
On top of that there are many specials in there. There is a Sony style gallery in the basement of the building, showing off the newest Sony gear. There is a Armani Caffe, where you see the trendiest people of Milan. The newly opened Gucci Cafe in Milan was dead empty in comparison. There is a branch of the Nobu restaurant from London, where you find the best japanese kitchen ever.

Then there are some special products, that you can only find there, which goes from Armani flowers to Armani wines and Armani chocolate, it just does not end.

On your next stay, even if you are not in to Armani, you have to check it out. The building is not very spectacular from the outside and inside it comes in the usual minimalist Armani elegance. Beautiful.




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