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July 15, 2005

Happy Victims!!!


Happy Victims at the Photographers’ Gallery is Kyoichi Tsuzuki’s first UK solo exhibition at a public gallery. Tsuzuki spent ten years writing reviews for Popeye and Brutus, publications that focus on art, architecture, design and urban life in Tokyo and has authored over 30 books.

It is a series of photographs of Japanese urbanites surrounded by their designer clothes collections and is on display until November 16.

Each picture is named after a designer and captioned with a paragraph about the anonymous collector - what they do, where they live and how they came to be obsessed with designer labels.

The colourful photographs show tiny rooms overflowing with clothes, shoes and accessories. Some neatly arranged on racks, others strewn across the floor, drawers overflowing. In most the owner of the collection is in shot, rarely looking at the camera, sometimes lying down, at other times out of focus in the background.

The people shown in this photo collection are not clothing lovers, they are total maniacs. They have so many clothes that that they do not have space anymore for a bed in the appartment and so they have to slepp in between the clothes. This is crazy!!!!!




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