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July 12, 2005

Serum vs. Venom - Luxury.Life.Style. !!!


I just came across this exciting brand. Serum vs. Venom is a really special case. You cannot find t-shirts or any of that sort. The cuts are truly original. They concentrate much more on the cut and on being original there, then on the print. Instead of prints they have some hand drawn stuff on their clothing.
Besides the cuts, the material is also outstanding. They only use cashmere, silk and other high quality materials. The simple, minimalist, yet outstanding and eyecatching style of this brand is really special and fresh.
At first the looks reminded me of some of the big japanese fashion designers.
Simpe but not that simple in the end. One has to look close to see what is all behind there and how special it really is. There is defnitely some big talent behind this. Let`s wait and see where it is heading in the future.
Serum vs. Venom has a men`s and women`s collection. For details check there website.




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