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August 05, 2005

The Colette Special !!!


Here we come now to one of the, if not the most exciting visits of mine in Paris: Colette. I know that some people already start saying that Colette is overrated, but I have to disagree and tell you, that if you have not seen Colette, you have not seen Paris.

Guillaume Salmon, Bureau de Presse & Communication of Colette, was nice enough to meet up with me, answer all my questions and let me take pictures. Now, even if you have not been there yet, the pictures might give you an idea and a small experience of what Colette is all about.
Start by reading the small Interview with Guillaume Salmon from Colette and continue by gliding through each floor of this exceptional conceptshop in the heart of Paris.

HighSnobiety: How is it going Guillaume?

Guillaume Salmon: Hi David, really fine thank you.

HS: What is your job at Colette?

GS: I am *PR*, it means that I am press officer, public relation, spokesman of the store for France And International.

HS: How does Colette choose the products?

GS: Our buyer selects everything depending on her fellings, by the way of her heart. She likes, she takes…very simple.

HS: Why do Colette and Paris belong together?

GS: Colette and Paris are both small and international, if you compare with the other capitals. It’s a carrefour of different kind of creativity and it‘ rocks!

HS: How do you see the future of Colette?

GS: As colette thinks always how to surprise people day after day, thinking only on the future and never on the past, we can say that colette will still be an exciting place of multi-creativity…And we do not plan to open other colette in the world, prefering to be focus on one, to give everything on it.

HS: Thanks a lot for the Interview and the time. It was a real pleasure talking to you and visiting Colette.

GS: You are very welcome David, anytime!


When you walk into Colette, you will have on the groundfloor several interesting things. Books, toys, music, movies, cosmetics, jewelry, technology gadgets and a lot of other small gadgets and accessories. Out of all of these things, you can always be sure that Colette has the newest, coolest, rarest or nicest!!!


Here we have some pics of the cosmetics line-up. One can find here Sharpers, Körner Skincare, Hip and other hard to find brands from around the globe.


Be sure to have a look at the vitrine with the watches. Brands like Hermes and Christian Dior show off there pieces, but also classic watch brands like Hublot, Omega, Ortis and others are present. Among the more interesting, for the simple reason that it is so showbiz and un-european, are the Jacob the Jeweler watches, which range from 7000 Euros to 50000 Euros, packed with diamonds. Also find cool jewelry there, like Dhin Van and Chrome Hearts.


Here a quick look at the technological gadgets, that Colette has to offer. Tokyo Flash watches, Sony PSP (not officially out yet in Europe), special asian cellphones (the complete Vertu line-up), the smallest digital cameras, etc. If you are into tech, you will for sure have a hard time, leaving Colette.


Find the illest books, the coolest toys standing among these books and loads of other cool things. For me, it`s really the mix that makes it. Constant changes, constantly new things, products, displays!!!


In the basement of Colette there is the famous Waterbar. Colette serves a huge variety of diferent waterbrands. Again, very rare, cool new waterbrands appear hear. Also some snacks are served, coffee from their own Starbucks and one can just all relaxed have a drink in the chilled out atmosphere, while shopping.


Another highlight for me in this area, was the Al Cabino chocolate sneaker. In the bottom of the picture, that brown silhouette - that`s it. It was much bigger than I thought and really nice.


On the first floor there is all the clothing for men and women. The for sophisticated clothing is put up on dolls in a really stylish way. Again here you find really special products, both by the big designers (Dior, Prada), the upcoming (Viktor & Rolf) and very rare new ones. The womens corner is quite chic and in the mens one can find some more streetwear.


In the streetwear section there were so many cool things, it was really not easy. T-shirts from Comme des Garcons, The Hundreds, LMAC, Bape, Lacoste, Y3, 12Bar etc. The list just goes on and on. There you also find a nice selection of Jeans with brands like Bape, Nudie, Blue Cult, Atelier La Durance and others.
The sneakers are of course also very tempting.


In terms of sneakers the selection goes from Visvim, over Callous, Adidas, Y3, New Balance, the Arkitip x DC x Andre shoe and others that are rare or just nice. They also had the whole 10//2 Armstrong collection.

On the store walls of Colette, one finds always changing photos and art, which is also there for purchase.

Well, that was my visit to Colette. What can I say... I tried to show what they are about, but one only knows, whens having been there. In Europe I have not seen something matching them or being able to compete with them. As I said before, the mix is just so unique and special, that everybody is tempted.
During your next stay in Paris, if you have not been there yet, go there and be blown away.

J`adore Colette!!!!




Anonymous Moris said...

Great interview david, keep it up with the nice work and the banner is really cool. ciao ciao

8/05/2005 08:15:00 pm  
Blogger Jack Naka said...

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10/05/2005 03:14:00 pm  

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