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August 02, 2005

CoolestShop - 10% discount for HighSnobiety Readers!!!


Coolestshop.com is dedicated to providing the world with the freshest in urban, suburban, subzero merchandsise. Cool, next level type stuff. They feature heritage and lifestyle gear from the big boys like Adidas, Puma and Reebok, as well as the hotness from the smaller, up and coming boutique brands like Rojas, Riv and E-Label. They also specialize in rare and limited kicks, trackjackets and tees. Visit coolestshop.com for the whole deal.
Find a ton of amazing brands in CoolestShop such as Bape, X-Large, Upper Playground and many others.

***And now the special comes. HighSnobiety readers get a 10% discount on all CoolestShop merchandise by clicking on the banner in the sidebar. The discount code that you have to use is "highsnobiety". That`s great news I would say.***




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