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August 24, 2005

Exclusive pics of 95Gallery !!!


Here I want to share some pictures I took of the 95Gallery, during my visit in Berlin. The 95Gallery has just recently opened and sits right behind Nort in Berlin. A new retail concept, beautifully launched in the heart of Berlin.


The 95Gallery really does deserve the name gallery, because you walk in and do not at all have the feeling of being in a store. One very nice big room, kept very simple in white. In the very end you see the reception and two very stylish flatscreens.


Everything is arranged in a special way, not like in a usual store. The sneakers are positioned on a podest in the middle of the room. Simple but special at the same time.


On the walls big Marok paintings and Futura Nosferatu also has his own podest.


The gallery feeling continues all along. Skateboards and T-Shirts are also nicely arranged. For now they are carrying Recon, Stüssy, Silas, aNYthing and a few others. Rumors are going around that 95Gallery will have a Supreme account. But don`t take my word for it... just rumors. Let`s wait and watch out, because that would just be amazing.

Overall 95Gallery was great. They are still in the beginning, but there is a lot to come. For now they only had a few tee`s, a selection of international magazines and some accessories for sale in store, but they will have a wide selection of brands and goods in the near future. Also they will have for sure some surprises for us!!! Next time in Berlin, you cannot miss this.




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