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August 23, 2005

IDN Oid Figure!!!


The mascot for the upcoming book by IdN and DESIGN Lab, this figure is designed by Jeremyville, sculpted by Nathan Cabrera, and produced by DESIGN Lab.

The figure is 3 inches of customizable vinyl, with stickers to choose the face of DESIGN-OID, and smaller stickers to customize the back of the laptop, by some of the world's greatest vinyl toy designers, including Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Scary Girl, Devil Robots vs Meltcomics, Span of Sunset, Enid by Dan Clowes, AD-AT by Bill McMullen, Strangeco, Mars 1, and a host of other great designers like Tado (UK) and Jon Burgerman (UK) and Flying Cat (HK).

What a line-up!! The figure is now available at Kidrobot for 15.95$. Get it and customize it with the designs of your favorite toy designer!! Great idea, and funny little toy!




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