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August 09, 2005

New Dalek toy characters - the Ice-Bots!!!


Here you see the newest toy creations by artist Dalek: the Ice-Bots. They will debut October 13th at Kidrobot with series 1. Here is the Kidrobot press release, giving a detailed explanation on who the Ice-Bots are:

"Graffiti artist, painter, toy designer, and amateur naturalist Dalek first made contact with the Ice-Bots one hot summer night when he stuck his head into his open refrigerator, attempting to cool his fevered brain. Some Ice-Bots are fun, some are mean, and some are sad, but with one thing in common: all Ice-Bots like to keep cold. At home, Ice-Bots have little microwaves that cool food down to edible temperatures and showers that emit tiny blocks of ice. Ice-Bots get from place to place by skiing and sledding, and are very fridge-proud. Maintenance of the wintry build-up of frost in their native refrigerators requires incredible discipline and expertise in the use of crampons, ropes, and ice picks. However, Ice-Bots do have an evil enemy… stay tuned."

Interesting new characters I would say. Cannot wait to see them.




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