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August 30, 2005

SSUR x DC Shoe!!!


New York artist SSUR now collaborated with DC shoe`s and came up with this great looking black sneaker.

"The SSUR high top shoe will feature a specially designed SSUR sole and insole as well as a custom "Caviar Cartel" box, which resembles a caviar tin. SSUR's shoe will be produced in three separate color ways: Black/Gold, Black/White and Black/Silver.
While the release of all three offerings are highly anticipated, the Black/Silver shoe is expected to be the most highly coveted, as DC Shoes will produce a limited run of less than 100 pairs featuring actual stingray uppers. SSUR chose this unique material to reflect the imagery of caviar, a treasured Russian delicacy. Both the Black/Gold and Black/White Shoe will have stingray pattern upper panels."
Via SneakerFreaker.




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