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August 18, 2005

Visvim Flagship Store pictures!!!!


Here some first pics of the Visvim Flagship store in Harajuku. The shop matches perfectly the brand. Simple, minimalit design, but highclass. Actually it`s not really a store, it`s a big house with many rooms, displaying the Visvim gear. I love it.


The rooms are all kept in white and creamy tones, with comfortable sitting areas. Really nice. Just imagine walking into a store that carries all Visvim shoes, gear, accessories, etc. - amazing.


Here a pic of the line-up of shoe`s that Visvim has come out with until now. Quite a lot!! Quite nice too!!!
The pictures are all from East Touch Mag, they did a special on Visvim, displaying gear, collectors, the store, just everything. If you have the chance, pick it up and get more info on the new Visvim flagship store and the brand. Some more pics via Kix-files here.




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