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September 01, 2005

"also known as" Beinghunted special!!!


Beinghunted has a really nice special feature up and running since today. This time they are having a closer look at "also known as". "also known as" is a book soon to be released by the famous 12ozProphet crew. They had disappeared for a while now, but with this release there will be a lot of talking around them. That`s for sure.

""also known as" is set to bring fresh air back into graffiti which, over the years, has been integrated into mainstream youth culture. A culture with graffiti stores that sell you everything from spraypaint and nozzles to gasmasks and markers. A culture where everyone with a laser-printer is a "street artist" - where everything is easy. A culture which has grown lazy. This is where the guys step in: "The focus will be nothing short of dear, dirty destruction; the glorious variety of fuck-you graffiti that offers no attempt to make friends"."

Check out the great pictures of "also known as" and Beinghunted does not stop there. They also set up a special section on the aka crew website, that can be entered with the following name and password for an ever closer look at the venture.

name: being
password: hunted

Check it out here. A really great feature. But Beinghunted raises the bar for qualitative reports once again. Good work guys. Go here to read the whole special.




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