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September 16, 2005

Billionaire Boys Club 2006!!!

To be honest with you, I already thought, there was never gonna come anything from BBC. Now finally, thanks to LaMJC, we have a sneak peak of the products of BBC to come out in 2006. The moonman was getting a bit boring, but this stuff is really great. The designs are fresh, different, but do have a bit the Bape feel, which is not a bad thing. No wonder, they are distributed and produced by Bape. Check out some of their stuff to come.








Anonymous Anonymous said...

garbage. how are these "designs are fresh, different"?

why bother producing this stuff if it's just a watered down version of BAPE product.
the cones shirts are obviously a knock-offs of bapes, the jacket is the same print as the shoes - which sucked, and the varsity jacket? wow. i can totally see people wanting to look like a high school wrestler.

this whole brand is a creatively uninspiring 'how can we make more money' venture.
best wishes...

9/16/2005 08:40:00 pm  
Blogger SAVAGECORP said...

Those Ice Creams shrits look like a total rip off of jonny cupcakes. what a rip this company is. has always sucked and will aways suck.

9/18/2005 12:57:00 pm  

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