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September 13, 2005

Nick Walker at 95 Gallery Berlin!!!


On Friday, September the 16th, the 95Gallery will open the Berlin Chapter of the “Origin of Species” show by Nick Walker.

The exhibition, which was held in London’s 17 Gallery in May of this year, will show the newest pieces by Nick. Central to the “Origin of Species” is the object that has helped in establishing him as the iconic figure in the urban art scene he is today: the spray-paint can nozzle. The art pieces display the small elements of graffitti tools in exaggerated sizes. Photographer, Alan Russell, has assisted Nick in realizing these large pieces.

Nick can be referred to as one of the true veterans of the Graffiti Game. Years ago, as one of the first graffiti artists he was using stencil techniques, and worked closley with his collegue and friend, 3D, from Massive Attack. From Ego, his tag in the early days, Nick has evolved his style, and hence his work, innovating and constantly using new methods. He painted film sets for “Judge Dredd” and Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.” He has created the artwork for many record labels, including Roni Size/ Full Cycle label Dope Dragon. He is also famous for his rendered dance music icons, such as Krust or Carl Cox.

The exhibition will be held for one month and the Vernissage will take place on Friday, 16/09/2005 at 20.00 o’clock. For guest list rsvp@95gallery.com …

This sounds amazing. Do not miss it, if you are around.




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