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September 05, 2005

Special Feature: LMAC Interview + Zombie Give-Away!!!

Today we have a very exciting feature on HighSnobiety. HighSnobiety interviews Le Messie, the creative director of LMAC. Read the Interview and find out what LMAC does and what they are about. On top of that LMAC and HighSnobiety are giving out one of their special edition LMAC x Colette Zombies. Find the question to answer just below the Interview and win the Zombie.


LMAC slowly but steadily invaded the planet over the past months. Right now one can purchase their Zombie`s and also their stylish tee`s at the Retail Yakuza. The Zombie`s had such a success that most of them were sold out in no time.
Another exciting venture of LMAC and Vacant, is the LMAC Travelling Boutique, where one can see all sorts of products and art madr by LMAC. This travelling boutique makes its way around the globe. The first stops where in Chicago and Quebec. Now NYC, L.A., Vancouver, Toronto and others will follow. If you live in the area and have the time, do not miss this. Check for the dates, locations and other info here.

Read now the Interview with Le Messie and get to know the people behind LMAC better.


HighSnobiety: Hi Le Messie, how is it going today?

LeMessie: Going pretty swell, how bout yourself? Very good I presume with the recent growth of HS you are doing a really fine job!

HS: Tell me, for everybody who does not know yet, who is behind LMAC? Who is in it? Who founded it?

LM: LMAC was found by my fiancee and myself and we both do most of the work in company from the glam to the not so glam. We have Mike Alder aka Projekt Alpha our trusted Art Director with his great intuition and understanding of my vision we bring our world of Gehenom to it’s unsuspecting victims. For now it’s just the beginning!

HS: LMAC is a very young company. How did it all happen? And what are the main areas of work of LMAC?

LM: Yup we’re just over a year old, really young and virginal. We have been probed a bit though *evil grin*! How did it all happen.... I usually answer this part with the standard bringing a visual physical world out from the music but I’m feeling to tell the root reason. It happened when I made a choice to break the barriers that society set on me, to take the risk and to jump into the unknown, insecure realm, and test fate. I wanted to reap exactly what I sowed... and amidst all that chaos, LMAC sprouted. We mainly conceptually created a world and gave it inhabitants, slowly but surely this world will grow, the story is not far from home and it is easy for the audience to see the bigger picture. To further narrate and help bring the world into peoples homes and hearts we took to production of it’s physical products and constantly make sure it goes to the right venues for the right minded chosen ones.

HS: Since the LMAC Travelling Boutique has started, LMAC is everywhere. How did the idea of the Travelling boutique arise? How ist he tour going at the moment? And what role does Vacant take in all this?

LM: The travelling boutique wasn’t a product of LMAC but of the great Russ Miller, purveyor of the original semi-permanent retail chain VACANT. The tour is going super with a show just of the shelves at POOL in Vegas with RBK. Next is NY or LA, schedules are still juggling to be set! It’s not what Vacant takes but what LMAC takes actually we are thoroughly grateful to Russ for such an opportunity and he’s very close family to us at LMAC. The Travelling Boutique is basically his baby and he does what he does with it. The line-up of venues he’s attached to it is remarkable and we’re just too happy to be apart of anything related to the Vacant empire. ** Just in, the LMAC Travelling Boutique will make it’s final stop back in Singapore for the stellar designEDGE IdN Conference in November, back to home ground! There’s a Stella line-up of speakers from Surrender to Answer to MHI. It’s gonna blow!

HS: And tell us something about all the great LMAC collaborations on display at the boutique!!! How did they come about? Did you know all the people before already?

LM: Yes, we have a bunch of collaborations in the tour, production models and strict one offs. For the ones off’s many of the Artists involved are friends and people we admire. For the production models, most of em we’ve known for quite some time and some are brand new acquaintances that gave us a great opportunity to work with them! You have to see all the works in person, so check by the tour schedule for a stop near you, bear in mind the list will be altered shortly to coincide with the finale at designEDGE in S’pore.

HS: Les Minimal Autistic Children is the toy division of LMAC. What was the inspiration and how did the name arise?

LM: LMAC is actually an abbreviation for ‘les minimal autistic children’. It defines us on a whole. For the longest time I have always been mesmerized at the mind of an autistic savant. Isolated from the world not having nor comprehending the informational tools a normal person would naturally acquire from birth that would help them in normal areas of their life. However naturally excelling phenomelly in various disciplines of the creative kind, music, art, etc. It seems their very existence was to be a creative being in every sense of the word. I found only one main inspiration when I had to create a title for the company in the beginning, thus labeling our creative company after them, in high pride to the achievements made and to be made by the brilliant minds of autistic savants past, present and future. Minimal stands for how we perceive our output and ourselves, is all but a mere minute, miniscule speck compared to the ample light of these brilliant amazing autistic savants.

HS: What are the future plans for LMAC? Any people you guys would love to collaborate with? Any secrets you would like to let the HighSnobiety readers know already?

LM: We’ve got plenty planned won’t reveal to much but a lot to do with our own cut and sew lines and erm a certain brand they call Punter... Ohh they’re a bunch I'd truly love to work with.. Devilock or Bounty Hunter would be a perfect match for our next directions to collaborate with! Ahhh secrets.... hmmm but if i told they won’t be secrets anymore ! Be assured plenty are in the line-up!

HS: Now some random questions to get to know you better, Le Messie. What are your 5 favorite fashion brands?

LM: 5!!! Nah they’re too many I’m into, here are but a few..

Number Nine
Bounty Hunter

HS: Your 5 favorite musicians? Except yourself....

LM: Ilkae
Jimmy Edgar
Machine drum

You gotta check out m3rck.net!

HS: Your 5 favorite websites that you check on a regular basis ? Except HighSnobiety!!!

LM: Wow there really are to many i check all of them at a regular basis!! They’re all great and each have something different to share at any point of time!

HS: Thats all Le Messie. Thanks a lot for having taken the time to talk to me. HighSnobiety is looking forward to hear a lot more from you guys and is very proud to be a supporter of the LMAC Travelling Boutique. Keep up the great work and keep us posted.

LM: Thank you very much, I thoroughly enjoyed this interview as i enjoy HS on a daily basis. Keep up the great work and there are......

Too many shouts to hand out, but I will say I bleed for what I do and am totally indebt to all who have made the impossible.... possible. Love & Respects*


Now we come to a very exciting part. LMAC and HighSnobiety are giving out a LMAC x Colette Zombie. This is a very rare one. All you have to do is answer this very simple question.

Where does LMAC have its headquarters?

a) New York City
b) Toronto
c) Singapore
d) L.A.

Please send all answers to the following email adress:


We will contact the winner some time next week.

Thanks to LMAC and especially LeMessie for this great interview and the Zombie give-away.




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