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October 19, 2005

Shadow Conspiracy x Invisible Man Bike!!!


This Spring 2006, will introduce The Shadow Conspiracy’s latest project, a custom built 24” Cruiser, in collaboration with famed street cult label Invisible:Man (I:M).

The Shadow Conspiracy, helmed by Ronnie B, is a BMX parts company which for the past three years has consistently introduced unique BMX hardware designed with creative themes of subversion. The Shadow Conspiracy is distinctly regarded within the BMX industry for their meticulous attention to detail, as shown within their projects and products, such as a patented BMX bike chain, finely constructed saddles, and their novel ad campaigns that constantly push the envelope in guerilla marketing.

In 1999, Andrew Lee launched Invisible:Man, which has since gained a notorious reputation worldwide. I:M is creating controversy within the high-end street market for its usage of raw graphics, dark themes, and innovative cut-n-sew. I:M has also released several collaborations with Stussy, Neighborhood, MadFoot!, and Es Footwear.

The collaborative efforts of both parties in producing this custom engineered 24” Cruiser is not only a technical feat, but pushes the boundaries of high-end street fashion aesthetic and redefines the style of BMX sport.

The finish on the Cruiser is matte black with black gloss decals – artwork by Andrew of Invisible:Man.

Something to look out for. Info via Evil Monito.




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