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November 16, 2005

Mastermind Japan Spring/Summer 2006!!!

Here we have a little look at the newest Mastermind Japan collection. If you have not yet seen a Mastermind piece life, than you truly missed something. These guys truly know what quality means. The cuts, the materials, it's just amazing. We see skull prints all over the place these days. It almost seems like, anybody can launch a new streetwear brand, by simply using some bones and skulls. But Mastermind somehow uses these elements differently. They started using these elements long timeago. There is only one little problem and that is the price tag of their line.... its just not affordable.



Love this norwegian styled sweater/outfit with the skull in it. This is just a great combination. In general I always enjoy very much how the big japanese designers, also including Junya Watanabe with CDG, how they take classics and give them their own crazy personal touch.



Pics via WireImage. Click on one of the images above to see the entire collection.




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