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November 30, 2005

New Neighborhood gear!!!


Cliff Edge has received some new Neighborhood gear. Some stuff is clearly japanese like this checker styled MA-65 jacket. Love the jacket, but I am not so sure about that pattern.


You thought it would stop here? These overalls take the pattern even further. Sometimes I am just amazed??!!


And now we are slowly moving into the less drastic direction. Nice Jacket, also like the spots. Do you remember that Wings & Horns hoodie with the spots all over it? Really hot. And also remember the "Also known As" book that just dropped a few days ago? They are also masters of the spots.


And here we have a very simple cord blazer, but really nice. Comes in several colors. So, which one is for you? The simple cord blazer or that checkered green/white Overall?

All available at Cliff Edge now. Click on one of the images to get there.




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