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December 30, 2005

Triumvir3 Interview + Exclusive GS-Pack presentation!!!


Triumvir3 is a striking new brand from Orange County, California. They became more known after there sneaker customizations appeared on the Sneaker Pimps Tour. After that they released their first tee`s, with hot designs like the GS and now they dropped the Mao design and came out with their first hoodies. One can clearly see how the brand evolves in the right direction. Read now the Interview with the founder of Triumvir3 Brandon Cheng. Find out how Triumvir3 began and where they are heading. Also be the first one to see the exclusive pictures of the Triumvir3 GS-Pack that drops New Years Eve in a limited edition of 125pcs of each color.

HS: Hi Brandon, how is it going these days? Busy for the holiday sales?

BRAN: What’s up David...yeah it’s been pretty hectic…someone gave me the flu for Christmas…very enjoyable.

HS: Please tell us, who is involved in Triumvir3? Who are the founders and who is in it now? And quickly explain us where the name Triumvir3 comes from.

BRAN: Brian Chen, Richard Vaughn, Van Ness Wu, Brandon Cheng... Triumvir 3 was founded in the Summer of 2004 by myself. The name Triumvir was taken from the last two Triumvirs of Rome, the coalition between 3 men who jointly ruled the Roman Empire…mainly Julius Caesar, Pompei Magnus, Augustus, Mark Antony and other boring historical figures that nobody cares about…

HS: Triumvir3 does clothing but also sneaker customization. What came first and explain us the background of how it all started?

BRAN: Custom sneaks came first…a year ago I was working at Niketown. Bored off my ass I decided to take advantage of the employee discount and bought a bunch of sneakers. Bought some paint, and an air brush that I had no idea how to use and painted away the whole summer…I started posting some of my works on Niketalk and eventually was getting requests for customs. First pair that I made was the Clockworks, and then the Kill Bill Vol. 1 theme took off in its own direction. The name Triumvir 3 was being associated with the Kill Bills and it carried our brand here today.


HS: Where is Triumvir3 available aside from your online store?

BRAN: Our line can mostly be found in urban boutiques along the coast of California, NY, HK, Taipei, and Sweden. More boutiques are on its way for January so I’ll keep our supporters updated.

HS: Triumvir3 is located in Orange County, California. How come so many hot streetwear labels come from that area? Stussy, LRG, Creative Recreation….. to name a few. What makes the place so unique?

BRAN: First I would like to add that not everyone in Orange County live like the TV shows, “The OC” & “MTV’s The Real OC.” There are people of different ethnic backgrounds here…but I would like to add that the girls are very cute in that show. In reality OC is a big suburbia by the Pacific, it’s like an all you can eat international buffet. So many cultures to borrow from in such a big wide setting, it’s comfortable, mellow, and we’re 30 minutes away from our weekend playground Los Angeles. Being 30 minutes away is a big difference…everything that’s comes into OC gets filtered back out with a laidback feel…seriously I don’t know…this is the best answer I can give…you really just have to check OC out for yourself…

HS: What are the future plans for Triumvir3? What can we expect to see soon? A full collection after you now also introduced the Mao hoodies?

BRAN: Brian came up with that Mao parody design one day when he was suppose to do something else. After seeing it I gave it that Chinese slogan and we fell to the ground laughing. We were testing the waters with that Mao design but the results have been very surprising, so a collection is definitely in the works. We’re also busy working on some cut & sew pieces for the first time, something to distinguish us not just as the t-shirt guys. Let’s just say our loyal GS fans will be seeing a lot more styles soon in Spring/Fall 06.


HS: Where do you get the inspirations for Triumvir3? Is there a common theme behind the brand or a brand philosophy?

BRAN: This is a tough one to answer...I personally feel that it’s our generations time to create and lead. A lot of the designs we throw out relates to a person, place, thing, or time…and people in our generation are noticing and they can relate with us. In the last 27 years of my life the last time I recalled going crazy over t-shirts was during the T & C, Gotcha era...and now I see it happening again, like an Urban/Fashion Renaissance…But my other philosophy behind the brand is to smoke, drink, and get creative…

HS: You guys also participated in the Sneaker Pimps exhibition and showed some of your beautiful sneaker customizations. Tell us something about the event. How did you experience it? How did you end up in it?

BRAN: It all happened one day when Peter Fahey from Sneaker Pimps emailed me. He wanted to display my Kill Bill series for the Pimp tour, I couldn’t miss this exhibit, it still feels like I hit the jackpot to be in that show. When the show came to LA, Peter was nice enough to give us a piece of the wall for our GS series, Brian and I pulled mad hours for that show. Brian did the Porno-Camo Collage to match each of the GS shoes (I can’t wait to get that back)...it was really cool just to see a few people taking pictures of our stuff…it was the show that made us realize that damn, people like our shit…


HS: Now some more info on you Brandon. What is your background? What have you done before Triumvir 3?

BRAN: Believe it or not I actually studied Medieval European History in college. History is what I thought I was going to do for the rest of my life, but time can wait. Before Triumvir 3 I was just like any other college graduate...scared, confused, and high, and still am today. I had a degree but couldn’t find a decent job with history. I traveled around two continents for a year looking for inspiration for a book/screenplay. And I worked at Niketown for a few months and found my calling to never work for ANYONE…and start Triumvir 3.

HS: What are your 5 favorite clothing brands?

BRAN: Tommy Hilfiger (boxers), Abercrombie & Fitch (bottoms), 5 for $10 T-Shirt Warehouse (socks), Diamond Star Tees (tees we print on), and Nike (shoes)…my wardrobe year round…priceless…


HS: Which websites (aside from HighSnobiety!!!), do you read on a regular basis?

BRAN: Highsnobiety is the only one for us and none other..! Whoo, Yeah !...just kidding. But seriously HSNOB, HypeBeast, Lurk Ltd, Hyde, Honeyee, Niketalk, Sneakerfreaker, Think-Silly, and I can’t remember…

HS: That’s it already. It has been great talking to you. It’s great to see Triumvir3 moving along and dropping mad designs. Keep us posted here at HighSnobiety and Peace.

BRAN: Thanks bro…it was fun…

******Now a quick note on the new GS-Pack. Its been a while since Triumvir3 last released a GS tee.. now they created the GS Pack. The new GS-PAK comes in a homemade box like all of their shoe boxes, 2 colorways of the GS will be released, limited quantity of 125 pcs in each color. The Pack will be released New Years. Hurry, because these will be sold out in no time. HighSnobiety is the first one to release exclusive pics of that pack. Check them out above and click on the images to get to Triumvir3 and purchase your own.******



December 29, 2005

Ice Cream Skate shoe`s!!!


Hypebeast now has some nice pics of the upcoming Ice Cream skateshoe`s. They come in three models. Nice with the Ice Cream logo in the back and as usual the colors are a bit flashy.. but definitely a nice addition to the usually so boringly colored skateshoe`s out there.




Limited Edition Clarks!!!


Chapterworld now received the limited edition Clarks. Some crazy materials were used in this line. Perfect for the japanese market.



MadL artist series!!!


Check out the MadL artist series which will drop very soon. Famous artists like Kozik and Tado also worked on it. For more info head over to Vinyl Pulse by clicking on the image above.



New Invasion line!!!


We showed you the Invasion tee hat can now be ordered. Here some pictures from 5D of the other Invasion products available. The hoody is really nice with the Invasion writing on the hood. Also check out these nice new tee`s.







December 28, 2005

Freshness Mad Foot feature!!!


Freshness announced to bring us a whole range of reviews of japanese streetwear lables. They start off with Mad Foot and give us a great overview of the brand, some background and also nice imagery of the work of Mad Foot and there Tokyo store. Click on the image to read it yourself.



Boundless NY up and running!!!


The Hundreds report about the opening of the new online store of Boundless NY. Here one can also find a fine selection of lables. Find there The Hundreds, House33, Reason Clothing, Mishka NYC, UNDR-CRWN, Lush Life and many others. These brands are sold out constantly everywhere... here another place to check back once in a while. Click on the image to get there now.



Karmaloop winter sale!!!


Karmaloop is also having a huge winter sale. Head over there now by cilcking on the image above to get up to 50% off on a massive stock.



The aNYthing hoodies!!!


Cmonwealth now got some great new stuff in towards the end of the year. Finally there are some classic aNYthing zip hoodies. They come in grey and black with the classic aNYthing logo stitched in big onto the front.

Also find some hot new Crooks & Castles hoodies, mostly with the Chanel like logo. Click on the image above to get there now... to make sure that for once you are there before its all sold out.



The Invasion tee's!!!


We have reported earlier last week about the first tee's of the Invasion brand. Now they have a nice little tool to facilitate the choosing of the colors. On can head to their website and choose both the color of the tee and the logo, see how well they go together and then order. Click on the image above to get there.



The Tut Dunny!!!


Kidrobot will be releasing the Tut Dunny exclusively online on the 29th of December. Its great to see how they really built up a strong brand around their Dunnies. The Tut Dunny comes with a lot of details and is a nice add to the range. Don't miss the launch. Click the image to get to Kidrobot.



December 27, 2005

New J.Money line!!!


Apollo NYC has received quite a good range of the new J.Money line. The new line goes along the usual J.Money style that we all love so much. Find bling bling dollar signs and great graphics on the longsleeves. There is also a nice collaboration with THE CUT. Click the images to see the whole range.




Nike SB Golf!!!


Hypebeast reports about these Nike SB version Golf to drop in early 2006. Nice details on this sneaker with the typical golf flap. Also nice stitiching details in the back of the sneaker.



Orange Sharkhoody!!!


Kookies reports on this orange Bape Shark hoody. No news on when this is supposed to come out... but this is definitely a nice color for the spring/summer.



Sneaker Freaker relaunches!!!


Just before the new year also Sneaker Freaker shows us an updated version of their website. Head over their now by clicking on the image.



DPMHI relaunches!!!


DPMHI now relaunched their website in december. So, go check it out.


Also take this oportunity to get the last pairs of the DPMHI Nike Terminators. These were produced in a 25 pair limited edition. Only 2 pairs left now.


DPMHI also shows now some pics of their London store location. Really incredible architecture and showcasing of their products. Check out some of the shots here. Click on the images to get there.

LMAC Holiday Sale!!!


LMAC has a special holiday sale going on until January 1rst. Of each style there will only be 10 pieces avaivable, so you better hurry up. Click on the pics to get there.





Alife Rivington Club update!!!


I hope you all spend a nice Christmas and Chanukah is also still going on.... here we show you a nice update from Alife Rivington Club. They received a very nice new selection of Nike`s. Phoneorders are possible on these. Click on the picture for more info.



December 23, 2005

Jeager LeCoultre x Dr Romanelli!!!


Here is now the last post before Christmas. This collaboration is so hot, that I could not even wait to put it up. The swiss premium watch manufacturer Jaeger LeCoultre and Dr. Romanelli get together to create 2 outstanding products: A Jeager LeCoultre Reverso watch designed by Dr. Romanelli and along with it the matching Romanelli leather jacket. Amaaaaaaazing!!! The jacket comes in classic white and black and has a specific spot on the sleeve where to put the matching watch. On the other sleeve you have a bracelet with a silver plate - on that you see the Jaeger LeCoultre logo engraved. The amount of detail on this work is really outstanding. Also the watch is really nicely worked with the Dr. Romanelli scissors logo in the back of the watch where you also find the date. Just an outstanding collaboration. The set is available as of now at selected LeCoultre stores (Paris, Hong Kong) and also at Colette (of course, where else?).


Check out the pictures here and for technical information and more pictures and shop adresses click the images above to go to the website especially created for this joint venture.



December 22, 2005

Exclusive presentation of Dover Street Market !!!

Here a last little goody before Christmas. Just in case you want to know where you can spend your money wisely after Christmas... this is the place to go. Dover Street Market is definitely one of those retail experiences one should not miss. Check it out here.

Dover Street Market is also one of those very special locations around the globe that only exist once and should only exist once. I would definitely put it into one pot with Colette and 10 Corso Como. Most of you have heard of Dover Street Market, when we reported on special new products (most of the time by Comme des Garcons) being available there, but I guess most of you have never visited.
Therefore we made this little feature, including some great pictures of the several sections/rooms/floors of this unique retail location in the heart of London. FInd out what Dover Street Market is all about.

Dover Street Market is a retail space divided over six distinctive floors packed with avant-garde fashion, design and art objects. The focal point on the ground and first floor is ‘The Hut’, a large installation that doubles as a register and stock room. Rose Bakery on the top floor offers simple yet exquisite cuisine while Soundshop (basement) gladdens the soul with its curation of divine music. An eclectic mix of designers mingles seamlessly with Comme des Garcons lines and unique collaborations with style icons Alber Elbaz (Lanvin), Raf Simons, Jan de Cock, Judy Blame, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Casy Vidalenc, Undercover and John Galliano make this store an unparalleled retail experience. Cameron Silver’s Decades adds an exciting mix of 20th century vintage couture to the 3rd floor.


Thats how Dover Street Market looks like, quite calm, not really too flashy.... a typical London building. But once you enter this place you notice rather quickly that this is not like any other shop or location in London.


Rei Kawakubo is the head designer of Comme des Garcons, the brand that created this place. That's what he has to say about the vision behind Dover Street Market:

“I want to create a kind of market where various creators from various fields gather together and encounter each other in an ongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos; the mixing up and coming together of different kindred souls who all share a strong personal vision”


Every floor features furniture designed by Comme des Garcons. Nothing expresses more how Rei Kawakubo feels at the present time than the huts on the ground and first floor. The whole interior is a clashing, confusing, energetic environment where the traditional concept of a retail “corner” is broken down by Kawakubo’s vision of synergy and accident. Interventions by artists, film and theatre set designers mingle haphazardly with Kawakubo’s display and furniture ideas, and each designer’s concept for their respective space.


The store is constantly evolving with each season bringing a new panoply of innovative collections, designers and curated spaces. Highlights to date include Alber Elbaz [Lanvin] designing a special white collection exclusive to Dover Street Market. For the opening of DSM, Hedi Slimane [Dior Homme] designed a limited edition of ebony and black metal epoxy furniture for the store. In this exquisite collection, Hedi Slimane transforms the archaic function of furniture by paring proportions to their most simple architectural lines. DSM hosted and exhibited the 2005 Royal College of Art graduate collection and this season Hiroshi Fujiwara, the Japanese pioneer of iconic contemporary design, invaded the basement at DSM with an eclectic collection of designs for life; his portfolio of temptations include a collaboration with Jun Takahashi and VisVim .


Here some useful information on the people that had influence on Dover Street Market and that took part in the creation process of the interior.

- 1200 square metres divided into six floors
- Overall Design and Concept: Rei Kawakubo
- Furniture: Rei Kawakubo
- 4th Floor and basement: Elise Capdenat, Theatre and Dance Scenographer
- 1st and 3rd Floor: Michael Howells, film set designer, working on Rei Kawakubo’s brief of “Shakespeare meets Picasso” and “Cabaret” for the 1st floor and 3rd floor respectively
- 2nd Floor: Jan de Cock, Artist
- Ground Floor Reception: Vedovamazzei, Artists
- Drawings/ Realisation: Ishimaru KK
- Construction Japan: Ishimaru KK
- Construction England: Mark, Richard Stevve at E.I.T
- Diplomacy/Organisation: Adrian Joffe, Dickon Bowden


Next time you are around in London, you cannot miss Dover Street Market again. Discover it and come back on a regular basis because it is evolving constantly. Exciting product launches, like the Futura x Lance Armstrong x Nike FC sneakers or the Fred Perry x Comme des Garcons and the Moncler x Comme des Garcons gear.


Click on the images above to get to the Dover Street Market Paper to keep you up to date on new exhibitions, products and other details around this mindblowing concept store.

HighSnobiety wishes all you guys out there some nice holidays. Updates will come again as of next week!!!!!



Oki-ni Sale!!!


Oki-ni started their sale already. Price drop by 20%-80% on selected items. Find great Adidas, Evisu, Pringles, etc gear and find some really good deals. Head over there now, by clicking on the image above.



New JB Classics model!!!


Just came across this pic of JB Classics. I have never seen this one before... looks like a completely different model. I like a lot the yellow/grey combination and as usual great details on the pattern on that sneaker. Let's hope it drops soon. If any of you know more about this one, let me know.

Best regards,


Special Kanye West Bapesta edition!!!!


Bape now created a special Kanye West Bapesta. The sneaker is in all white and has just the iconic teddybear head that we all know Kanye for on the back in a nice green. This is definitely a hot sneaker.... and it fits Kanye. Simple, classy , but not boring!!!
Via Kookies.



Silent poets x fauna!!!


Fauna is a new brand, created by the makers of Visvim. To start up the brand they got together with Silent Poets and created a luxirious box set which includes their CD. Via Honeyee.



Futura P-Rod signing at Recon NYC!!!


The Futura P-Rod was released not long ago and there was a signing with Futura at the Recon NYC store. Check out the pics of the signing and there is another signing to come at the Recon SF store just in case you missed this one. Click on the image to see all the pictures.



The hottest BBC gear now available!!!


Commonwealth now realeased the probably hottest BBC gear that is available... find now the Stadium Jacket in orange (should eventually also be available in dark blue), the rhinestone tee's of both BBC and Ice Cream (going for 500$) and also the polo shirts are in now. Las t but not least they also received the long awaited Diamond/Dollar full zip hoodies in 2 colorways. Check it all out at Commonwealth by clicking on the images.




Nice Proper update!!!


Proper now updated their store with some really nice additions: scape forces, laser one piece dunks, and more. Click on the pics to get there.




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