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December 13, 2005

Hottest Stadium jackets this season!!!


Conceptshop HK was nice enough to post pics of these 2 Stadium jackets, by A bathing Ape and BBC. Apparently there are only 5 pieces of the Bape x Kaws teeth Stadium jacket around in Tokyo.... Ueberlimited... but this jacket is also amazing.
The BBC is also nice, comes in dark blue and also in white/orange. These should be available soon at your neaby (hahaha.. or not) BBC/IceCream dealer.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are higher then an eagle perched on a sequoia branch smoking the stickiest ickiest weed from humbolt county to seriously think that anything that comes from the garbage heap known as bbc is worthy of being posted and typed about on your website.

give me a fucking break david. it's goofy fucking shit and only a high schooler would get wood from it, being that he was booted from the varsity crew team.

bape and bbc are in colussion - colussion to take your money and make you look like a fucking retard wearing these tacky and goofy looking jackets.

buyer beware, people are laughing at you behind your back.

12/13/2005 11:44:00 pm  
Anonymous John said...

I need those jackets!!!

12/14/2005 04:48:00 am  

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