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December 09, 2005

New winter collection of Shmack!!!


Shmack has just put up their new winter collection and hot is still not enough to describe the new stuff that they are dropping this season.
Check out this hoody. Nice dollar print, flashy colors and then that amazing thing covering have of the face.... so cool. The print on there is somewhat there version of the Louis Vuitton pattern. They also have the matching tee.


Here a tribute to the homestate of Shmack. I have to admit, I already love the name of that brand.. it sounds a bit like shmuk...


Here we have the most definitely hottest hoodie in there range in white with a T-Rex print. Check out the eyes, teeth and the spine in the back . Great idea and fantastic execution. I know there is the Bape shark hoodie and this goes a bit the same direction, but I still like this one very much... it's less toyed and more artistic I would say.


Now we come to the most pimped up item of the collection but I have to admit, it's my favorite one. The Phantom tee. For those of you who are not really into cars, you might not know, but Shmack printed the grill of the Rolls Royce Phantom onto these tee's..............suuuuuper hot!!!


Check out and order these new items or find a retailer close to you... all on Shmack's website. Just click on one of the images above to get there.




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