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January 10, 2006

Busy Work Shop NYC!!!


A friend of mine recently travelled to New York and was nice enough to take some pictures of the Busy Work Shop in NYC. So, for the ones among you that have not seen it yet, you can experience it now here. We will show you two stages of the store. In a first stage you will see the store in the afternoon, when normal people enter it ans shop around. In a second stage you see the store in the morning (well, noon), when the store opens its doors.


The store has a very simplistic design. Inside one can see the Bape camo on the walls and the Bapesta's nicely put into the window. The shop is actually quite small, but 100% Bape.


Here above one can see the Busy Work Shop bag that comes along with all purchases.

Now we move into a different cycle of the daily Busy Work Shop life. The morning, before the doors open and maybe (who knows) some new hot apparel has arrived the store looks like that...


People are standing in a massive line-up and this happens every day. The shatters are hardly open and people start already looking inside, checking for new gear.


A guy on the door, slowly let's people enter step by step to not make the store too crowded. So, if you are going to NYC any time soon and you are planning on visiting the Busy Work Shop there, you know when to go or at least what to expect. Because if you come in the afternoon, all the hot stuff is already gone.
Thanks to Peter for the images.




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