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January 17, 2006

Faesthetic 5th anniversary!!!

Picture 6

Faesthetic celebrates its 5th anniverssary and comes out with an issue packed of good stuff. Not only are they limited as usual to 1000 copies, but there are 2 designer tee's to celebrate the anniverssary and in the issue you can find tons of hot artists. The list is endless: Sara Hanken, Bwana Spoons, Tim Biskup, Ryan Burghard, Maureen Gubia, Gael Cecchin (YUCK), M-City, Larry Mayorga, Sean Donnola, Pablo Marques, Neuville, Mike Maxwell, eThos, Paul Schiek, EPHKA, Mike Giant & Mario Peralta, Jason Brunson, Lilly Piri, Keith Andrew Shore, Siloette, Mark Sarmel, Guillaumit, Gregory Jacobsen, Gluekit, Dan James, Aaron Paula, Aaron Winters, Dutchpress, lmac, Koadzn, Drout750, Delta, Dave & Debbie Crosland, Thought Ninjas, Steven Harrington, Robert Hardgrave, Fourteen, Anne Michaux, EVIL, MAGMO, Chris Silva, James Paterson, Derrick Hodgson, Joshua Davis, Adam Garcia, Scott Rench, Prate™ Computer Channel, BuffMonster, Ryan Santos, Shepard Fairey, Paul Clark, Joey Harrison, Jackson Hoose, Andreas Karaoulani, Jon Burgerman, Alexandre Braga, Martin Smith, DEVI, Anthony Sheret, Anthony Brennan, Aye Jay & B+, Alexis Mackenzie, Tommy Penton, Verbnine, BSHIT, Porus Walker, Alex Sacui, Funkfu, Britt Ehringer, Abe Atri, Teitsma, Phil Ashcroft, Neuarmy, Skullphone, Nanospore, Andy Rementer, Mark the Cobrasnake (featuring photos from the set of Kill Girl Kill), Fumi Nakamura, Mars-1 and Lee Misenheimer.
Cover by Smile Maker.

Tell me that that is not impressive. Now here a look at the tee's....

Picture 5
(Stay Needy tee... we showed this to you already last week)

Picture 4
(LMAC tee for Faesthetic)

Get the issue now. Just click on the images above to get there.




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