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January 26, 2006

Hummel by Invitation Only premium sneaker line!!!


Now we are showing you for the first time some sneakers of the brand Hummel. These are actually by invitation only sneakers. It's the first time I hear about this concept, but they are making sure that these stay limited. These sneaker will be available in 50 stores, which give out the invitations. They will drop in July 06.


The Logo of the brand is as the name already tells, the Hummel. This series of sneaker will be part of the soon to come premium series of Hummel sneakers.

Some of the models are inspired by the famous danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen. He was know for his simplistic design.




Others are inspired by Nielsen. I really like the designs of these sneakers, because they are different and have a valid inspiration behind them. One can see that these are sneakers inspired by nordic design, due to their choice of colors and form.

7 inch
was nice enough to provide these pictures and an exclsuive preview of this line.




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