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January 24, 2006

Just another Rich Kid Fall/Winter 2006 collection!!!

Here we have a first look at the upcoming collection of Just Another Rich Kid. Great new designs and the tee's come of course in very high quality. This brand just stays very original and does a very good job at being innovative and at the same time they have a meaning behind their designs. One can see that the people behind it, know what they are doing.
In this collection they also have a very nice choice of colors, pale colors... definitely fits the brand and their designs.

Here we are showing you the complete collection... and what Just Another Rich Kid has to say about it...

"Ju$t Another Rich Kid is pleased to announce the launch of the Fall/Winter 2006 collection, featuring an updated version of our custom tailored tees. We've adjusted the cut to give the tees a more tailored fit, have developed a new wash for the fabric, and have refined our silk screening treatment.

Fall/Winter 2006 is compromised of 10 new designs, each of which was born from a common concept, but individually reflects the Ju$t Another Rich Kid signature style: an eclectic mix of one of a kind graphics, rebelliousness, and a taste for all things pop culture.

The collection consists of the design team's personal interpretations of Pirates & Piracy: from the notion of Ju$t Another Rich Kid as modern day pirate of cultural commodities, to traditional pirates thieving on the high seas, to the very current incarnation of the piracy of intellectual property, including luxury brands, Hollywood films, and popular music. "




Last season we had the Gucci Gucci design, now the Fuck Gucci. Just lovely!!!









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