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January 03, 2006

RTFT Croc sneaker + Black Label Viking Quest!!!


Karmaloop now received these superhot RTFT ALIFE Kennedy Croc Lux sneakers. Not only do they come in croc, but they also have leather laces. Nice lux sneaker going for 120$.


Also find now this hot tee. The Urban Arts brand occasionally does in-house design under the name Black Label. The designs usually encompass obscure and alluding content sometimes even satirical like in this case. Urban Arts Black Label Viking Quest shirt is now available at Karmaloop. The guys over at Urban Arts are referring the fictional show often times mentioned on the HBO series Entourage. What’s interesting about the shirt is that it represents a fictitious show yet this Black Label design was made to look as if the Viking Quest show did in fact exist and would be sold as a mall shirt. It has an extremely cheesy and white trash suburban mall aesthetic. So all this adjectives aren’t positive; cool graphic tees are mainstream thus too cool for cool is where is at… CHEESY JUXTAPOSITION!!!

Click on the images to get these items.




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