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February 03, 2006

Bape Spring/Summer 2006!!


Now we are having a look at some of the new Bape stuff that is set to drop for Spring/Summer 06. The pics are via Secret Base.


We reported about the late coming out of the Bape Member cards. If you have a Member card you can purchase special items from Bape, that others cannot purchase. Above you can see some of those. Looks like there is the tee with the Member card on it, the matching Bapestas and also a Bape Daytona with the card camo in the background. Not too bad, I like the Bapestas.


Here another page of limited Members items. It seems to get more expensive. Looks like a range of Jacob watches, from a bling stand point of view... Love it!!


Here the introduction of the new Bape Camo colors: White and Pink. Great addition to the current range. These colors are definitely better than some existing camo colors. Looking forward to see some products with it in the next years.

Thats it. Once again Bape is keeping us busy. The constant new product launches are just fascinating.... no time to even think about a certain product, already the next hot piece is coming out. Eventhough of course some of the stuff is also getting old... but thats fair enough after being around for such a long time now.




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