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February 20, 2006

Exclusive first look at - the BULLY !!!


Yeah, you might be asking yourself what the Bully is? Well, we`ll tell you. Bully is the latest project by JB Classics, their first toy project to drop on us on March 1rst.

The first long awaited project from JB CLASSICS LAB toy division. The dope part is it’s limited to 25 pieces , 18 of which are packaged in a hand made Laser etched / Heat stamped / foam insert / nickle detailed hardware / stained pine treated finish / also the figure has a crystal see thru effect with removable JB kicks...well lets just say the details are ground breaking for us and hopefully the Collectible Toy Market!



Here the removable kicks... just amazing the details on this toy....just what we expect from JB Classics.


Oh yeah, thats the hand made Laser etched / Heat stamped / foam insert / nickle detailed hardware / stained pine treated finish....


There is only one problem with JB Classics... 25?... thats just not fair. How are we supposed to get out hands on these great products if they always limit them like that? Well, I cannot wait to see the toy life. If you want one, you better hurry when released, we`ll keep you posted on where/price/etc.




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