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February 02, 2006

garbege "Rap vs. Rock" Collection!!!

Picture 5

Here we are presenting you some of the new styles of the latest garbege Collection (All the rest is Trash). Head over to our feature section to see of the first styles they created and to read the Interview we did with the guys a few months back.

Picture 4

This collection shows already much more maturity and mainly a huge amount of attention to detail. The designs have felt applique, gold foil, other types of foils, buttons, leather applications, rhinestones etc. These great details make the collection more unique and also much more premium.

Picture 3

In Autumn/Winter ’06, the key phrase at garbege is: Opposites Attract because of the
contradiction created through the fusion of two similar, yet opposite, ideas. The selections' theme, the “VS. Series” explores the union of two different elements on one canvas - a “Mash-Up”, which is an English/Jamaican term that means to blend two
seemingly dissimilar music types into one that is designed to outshine each original.
garbege internalized this theory for a Fashion Mash-Up, which seamlessly blends two of America’s most influential forms of pop culture, Rock & Roll and Hip Hop.

Picture 2

In this collection garbege even introduces cashmere tee's and sweaters in limited quantities.

Picture 1

As you can see, this is clearly a collection to look out for. Nice designs with great details and a good theme behind. Let's see what the next volume of the VS. collection series will be about.




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