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February 17, 2006

The Retail Mafia X Rockstar Games "The Warriors" for purchase now!!!

Picture 5

The much anticipated clothing that was done in collaboration between Rockstar Games and the Retail Mafia (Alife, JMoney, aNYthing, etc) are now available for purchase here. There are different tee`s and hoodies, each going for 40 dollars and the hoodies for 70 dollars. They are very limited, so you better grab yours quickly, before its sold out. Get it here.

Picture 6

"To commemorate the release of our landmark videogame adaptation of the 1979 cult-classic film, The Warriors - Rockstar has teamed up with the Retail Mafia's collective of designers to bring you this exclusive series of limited-edition tees and hoodies. Design entities from alife to SSUR to IRAK to aNYthing and more were tapped to create unique apparel based on the infamous gangs from the film and game."

Picture 7

Picture 8




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