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March 01, 2006

Adi vs. Rudi !!!

ts sso6 t adivsrudi

This is one of the most well thought out tee`s I have seen in a long time. Trainerspotter will soon drop their entire collection. Shotgun has the exclusive presale rights and with this tee they are starting.

ts sso6 t adivsrudi-print

Everybody who is into sneakers should understand this tee right away, for those who do not, here a short explanation:

The story of Bavarian brothers Adi and Rudi Dassler who after falling out in
1948 went on to form what would become two of the worlds biggest sports shoe
companies. Initially naming their companies ADDAS and RUDA, these brands
would soon become known as ADIDAS and PUMA. As time passed the rivally between the
brothers increased, and the town of Herzogenaurach was virtually split in
half by the two companies located either side of the river Aurach.

Rudi Dassler is depicted in this design as an African American, referencing
the 1968 Mexico City Olympics in which black American athletes Tommy Smith and
John Carlos defiantly made a stand against racial oppression. Each athlete held a
Puma shoe in their hand as a symbol, Smith later stated that this was
because Adidas failed to pay promised sponsorship to black athletes, while Puma
always supported them.

Good design and nice background story to this tee. Get it now at Shotgun.




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