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March 08, 2006

i to i Creations - dig this...


Today I am giving you a little introduction to the work of Rich from i to i Creations. He has done incredible stuff and therefore I was had to share with all of you. Above you can see the J. Money sneaker that he developed. He developed a special paint for these, with crushed gold. It feels almost like grip tape,but when it's in the sun it blings like crazy! Thats exactly the kind of paint we want to see on more sneakers.



Every detail of the sneaker is customized, even the inner sole. These sneakers among others where sold at SSUR in NYC. Apparently there is still one pair left.


For Laced he also developed a sneaker. Here he used the same special paint, but in silver this time. Real Bling!!

Rich was skating in the ealry days with Jamie from J.Money, and is really part of the culture. He recently moved back to NYC and is now killing it there.

I got one las thing for you and that thing really caught my attention....


THE LOWRIDER.. I mean can you believe this. The guy modelled a fully functional remote controlled car out of a sneakers.


Check out these details.. working frontlights!!!


The Lowrider even has a hopping devise in the front and the rear!!!


As you can see, Rich is really an amazing artist. We hope to see a lot more from him. He is right now building his webshop and will soon drop some goodies on us. We'll keep you posted. More customizations to follow soon.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are DOPE!

3/09/2006 03:02:00 am  

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