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March 30, 2006

The Shuttlemax by Bill McMullen!!


During my visit to NYC lately I also had the chance to meet Bill McMullen, a great artist, personnally. He has done already great things. Bill has worked with Kidrobot on toys, including work on the Dunny and the 100 dollar bill stack. Remember those? Fantastic idea. He also did a lot of work in the music industry, designing album covers for Method Man and the Beastie Boys. The list is endless.

During my visit he had just received his latest toy, the Shuttlemax. Actually Bill is at Kidrobot today to launch the toy and he will also be available to sign some of them. So, if you have time, get over there.


The Shuttlemax is one of the coolest toys I have seen in a long time. The idea is actually not new. Bill initially designed the Shuttlemax graphic for a t-shirt in 1999 for Swish NYC, his clothing brand. As you can see Bill is already since a long time in the Sneaker/Design world, way before it got to the popularity where we are at now.


The details on the Shuttlemax are fantastic. The bottom clearly shows a sneaker sole. The Shuttlemax also has the Airmax Bubbles on the side and all other design details that the real sneaker has got.


On this picture you can now see the entire Shuttlemax line-up. There will be 3 versions. The classic AirMax 95 version with the neon yellow, the Kill Bill Version and the red/white version.


Actually there will be one more version... the all in yellow version which is limited to 100 and will only be available today at the signing.


And do not forget the Shuttlemax Dunny, the commander Dunny. This one is also especially created for this project.

Really a great toy. Check it out and hurry to get ours. I am not sure if its more a toy or a piece of art, a sculpture. Just nice work!!! And don't forget to pass by Kidrobot today.




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