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March 06, 2006

Sold out update!!!


Now we have some more background information on the new collaborative shop of LaMJC and Colette: Sold Out.

Sold out is a webstore, imagined by La MJC with colette.It will open really soon.

Here are some of the products that we will have at the opening :

> La MJC x colette NB 1500


> Kaws x Pushead companion ( silver, glow in the dark, black )


> Just for Kicks DVD, special edition, with special box, "Give us a million dollar tee", fat lace


and many more items out of more than 30 brands.

It sounds like they will have some nice choice in their and you can be sure that the stuff that LaMJC and Colette present you are hard to get hold of.
We'll let you know when Sold Out officially opens. I am already curious what the other 28 or so brands will be.




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