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March 27, 2006

Union NYC!!


Here I am giving you now some pics from my previous NYC trip from Union. Union is one of the most famous stores, due to the products they carry and also the history. The have been around since forever. They are since more than 20 years at the same spot in Soho, way before this part of NYC got so famous and hip.


One hears so much about this store, that I could of course not wait getting there. In the end you enter a quite small store in the middle of Soho. Small but not so small. The store seems small at first but carries all the big names. You find anything from J.Money, BBC, Ice Cream to Lush Life and many many others. The choice is so big, that one really does not know what to take. The store is packed on all walls with clothing.

During my stay, they also launched the Spring collections of the brands and also carried the Leroy Jenkins hoodies now.


Other than clothing they got nostalgic Hip Hop pics hanging on the wall, giving the store a nice atmosphere. Thats anyways something I enjoyed most about Union. The store gives a nice homie feeling, the people are cool.

For all new brands out there.... if you made it into Union you made it. Thats one of those rules that go around. I guess there is some kind of truth into it.

So, when you visit next time NYC you cannot miss Union. Drop by and pick up some of their hot stuff, eventhough that leaves the store usually pretty quick.




Anonymous Clay Jamison said...

I was just there last week, and I have to completely agree with you. The lady who was dealing with me was actually really helpful, and the people working had some of the best attitudes in these types of stores that I have experienced. Big ups to Union.

3/27/2006 09:14:00 pm  
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