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April 14, 2006

Juicy Jazz from Paris!!!

JUICYJAZZ 06 limited édition 1

Here we are presenting you a new t-shirt line by a graphic design offive from Paris - Juicy Jazz. Please read below what the background of the line is.

"All our visuals experiences are based upon a long quest from arts, poetry and music. In fact arts is a big part of our lives and one of the rare universal languages. Paintings and music bring people to open their mind and this is the essence of our reflections. Indeed travelling without moving was our main objective in design. It’s in this direction that we envisioned our works with passion and conviction.

Our travels lead us to express ourselves in several projects further more our new T-shirts line is finally available.

For this new collection we invite you to a visual ride between Jazz and organic hip hop. Be our guest and share our world vision, participate in a children organisation called “planete-enfants” by wearing our special designed item. Indeed after a dedicated year in graphics research here is our last collector edition (100 copies limited), that we spread like L.O.V.E. "

JUICYJAZZ 06 limited édition 2

They got nice graphics, with a worthy background to them and even a good purpose into their project. Check them out yourself. Tee's can be purchased directly from their website.




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