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February 19, 2006

Converse x Product RED!!!

Picture 4

Converse recently started working together with Product RED. Thanks to Beinghunted we can have a first look at this collaborative work with a lot if meaning and thought behind it. Its always great to see when there is more purpose to fashion..

"Converse joined forces with Product RED to help fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Product RED is an economic initiative created by Bono of U2 and Bobby Shriver (Chairman of DATA – Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa ) designed to deliver sustainable flow of private sector money to the Global Fund.

The first model in the Converse RED Collection is the Chuck Taylor All Star mudcloth shoe designed with UK designer Giles Deacon. Converse was inspired by Nakunte Diarra, a renowned mudcloth artist and storyteller since the 1950’s who originates from Mali. Bogolanfini, the mud-dyed cloth of the Bamana people of Mali, is a living art form, constantly changing, reflecting new inspirations, while paying homage to the past. Artists use techniques passed down through generations and motifs, which express the individual style and creativity of the artist, are based on well-known geometric patterns. Bogolanfini is an essential part of the Bamana people’s lives, marking major life transitions, marriage, birth, excision and death."

Picture 5

Picture 6




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