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February 18, 2006


Picture 7

After the record breaking blizzard of 2006, get ready for the serious heat that's about to drop at the Alife Rivington Club. Inspired by one of Japan's leading soccer teams—Kashima Antlers—this Air Max pack is part of Nike's ongoing Joga Bonito series of soccer-influenced Limited Edition releases:

In a tiny, ancient town in Japan, samurais still exist. But instead of swords and spears, these warrior’s weapons of choice are swift feet and an intoxicating style of football imported from South America. They are the Kashima Antlers—the rebel team of Japan’s professional soccer league. Counting a hardcore following of punk motorcycle gangs among their many fans, the Antlers wear their reputation for being on the fringe of culture as proudly as they do their uniforms.

Born out of the defunct Sumimoto Metal FC, the team changed their name in 1991—not of their own accord, but as a result of a mass public voting campaign. The new name, Kashima Antlers, combined the name of the town “Kashima,” meaning deer island, with the shika antlers that adorned kabuto helmets traditionally worn by samurai warriors.

Each season, these four-time league champions attract hordes of Japanese to the ultramodern 39,000-seat Kashimi Stadium. Most are drawn by the beautiful, int"oxicating style of play brought over from Brasil in 1991. Others come to watch Takayuki Suzuki—one of the league’s leading scorers. Still others, like the members of Kashima fan clubs Infight and Red Death, come to be seen themselves. The samurai spirit lives in Japan’s warriors of the pitch."

The release date is not official yet, but that these sneakers are super hot, that is official. We^ll keep you in the loop before they drop.




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