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June 29, 2005

"The Life and Death of Bling Bling" by Matthew Vescovo

I just came across this book. It`s supposed to be one of the funniest reads.
I think this quote from artbook.com, best describes, what this is about-

"Cool to uncool. Inside to mainstream. Black to white. How did "Bling Bling" move from one world to the other, seemingly overnight? Matthew Vescovo, master of the obvious and creator of Instructoart Lesson 1, hilariously connects the dots and takes us full circle from the raw underground rap beginnings of Bling Bling, to its ultimate demise in the hands of unhip suburban Oprah-watching wives. This story of innovation, proliferation, regurgitation, commercialization, and bastardization, is based on Vescovos’s highly popular animated short for MTV of the same name. Appropriately written in verse, it illustrates a common theme in our world today--that of black culture desperately trying to carve out ownership of something exclusively theirs . . . and other groups ruining it all. "

I am definitely getting it, it just has to be funny. If interested, head over to artbook.com for purchase.




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