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July 15, 2005

MedicomToy Life Entertainment - the fabric line!!!


These are big news. Coolhunting reports about the upcoming Medicom launch of Fabrick. Their debut line of accessories and décor designed will be designed by artists. MedicomToy is becoming a lifestyle company and call it MedicomToy Life Entertainment. The collection includes totes, bags, slippers coin purses, notebook covers, wallets, tissue holders, travel cases, and more in graphic fabric prints.

There is a lot of exciting stuff to come. I heard about this a few weeks ago, but was not awarem, that it will come out so soon. Not many will carry this line at first. In Europ Colette and Grand will be one of the few lucky ones. It should come out already in August. This is so cool. The makers of Bearbrick dropping a clothing line, I am already excited. This was the most logical move. It just had to come eventually.




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