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July 13, 2005

Toy Qube !!!!


Toy Qube is the newest shop, both online and offline, that I have come across in terms of toys. What makes them already quite special is the amount of collaborations they got going.

They will be at the San Diego Comic Con with their own booth and have quite some specials there. Among these are a special edition Ciboys with a Toy Qube camo pattern. These will be limited to 250. Other than that there will be 250 numbered Glow In The Dark version of Devil B and Gary Lo will be there for signing. That`s not all yet. They also got TQ X NYC Lase Tee and a 360ToyGroup Pink Panther special edition tee. What a load, all at once. Just amazing.

As you can see, you have to watch these guys. There website is not entirely done yet, but has already some interesting stuff on it.




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