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August 31, 2005

Balcony - brand new clothing line!!!


Balcony is a brand new clothing line, by two designers. They have some great tee`s up and every tee is a limited edition of 30. This is what they say about themselves:

"balcony is where good design meets the common man.
2 aspiring creators setup a designstudio to promote multi-disciplinary design
(product & packaging,graphics,interior/exhibition).Been freelancing in the industry
doing CI, print ads, 3D design renderings,commercial interiors.Recently, launched
the tee design project to promote our concept and brand.
2 designers draw their inspirations on the cultural arts around the world and started
illustrate the designs onto the tee.
2 philosophers exchange pointers and view on life ; re-interpreting tradition,result
in manifesto of new directions and concept.
2 common people sets trends fusing lifestyle,art and fashion together."

Check out all their stuff here.




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