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August 18, 2005

Exclusive pics of NORT BERLIN!!!


During my visit to Berlin, Nort was of course a must hit place. How does a place look that you constantly hear about on the net, always having the hottest sneakers, always up to date, usually being the first ones. I was very curious and therefore decided to pass by. Here you find some pics to give you an idea of how Nort looks like.


Nort is in the heart of Berlin, located steps away from all the other very trendy stores, like Apartment, 95 gallery, Diesel, etc. The store is in a nice old building and from the outside one does not see too much yet. Only the Nort logo, located on top of the entrance indicates the high profile sneaker store.


The interior of the store is very nicely done. A clean design, with a lot of milk glass and brushed metal. The store design is simple, but just right. Somehow most cool places keep the design simple, which turns out to be much cooler than an overloaded try-hard design.


Behind the reception area, there is a huge glass wall with the Nort logo`s on them. Behind these walls one can sometimes see Nike boxes, stacked up until the ceiling. Therefore one also has a bit of a orange glow coming throught the glass. Personnaly I also loved how everything was in such good order. It gave also this store a bit of a gallery feeling.


Now we come to the most important part - the sneakers. They are beautifully put up on the wally with little podests out of brushed metal. Each sneakes is nicely presented. The amazing thing in Nort is, that you hardly find any normal ones, only hard to find or at least special in design, sneakers. Just impressive!!!

Most of you know Nort Berlin from the Internet, and have probably already ordered a few rare pairs of sneakers. I hope now you a bit better feeling of what stands behind it and as striking as the products are, the store is the perfect platform. Just in case you are one of the few, that has not heard of them, then check them out here.




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