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August 23, 2005

Futura Exhibition at Slam Jam Store!!!


In the famous Slam Jam Store, their is a Futura Exhibition at the moment. Inside the store, some amazing Futura paintings are up on the walls. The exhibition is already on since about 2 months, but now one can check it out via a 3d animation by Slam Jam.

Because this gives you 2 different, very cool opportunities. You can check out the Futura paintings and you can check out the incredibly stylish looking Slam Jam store. They are italian - what more to say - the inventors of style. Beautiful. See for yourself here.

Also, watch out for the soon to open Slam Jam store in Milan. The chances of passing by Milan are just slightly higher than passing by Ferrera, the current location and home of Slam Jam. I cannot wait!!! Also do not miss the newly designed online store, which is now much more user friendly and has had some nice additions.




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