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August 28, 2005

Gasius added to the Glade!!!


The Glade now added Gasius to their brands section. They have some nice tee`s up. Check them out here. Here is what the Glade has to say about them:

"Gasius, Born in 2003 from the already rolling underground label The Gasface. Still influenced of course by Skate/Graffiti styles, but now showing a concern for the environment as well as diverse cultural references, from 70’s, 80’s or 90’s style to ancient history. One of the main visual/recurring themes being the unlikely combination of Graf style with nature.

The Gasface’- started in 1993, (named after a track by Third Bass and KMD) began with 10 hand painted tees that were made for friends, the money from these paid for the first batch of printed tees, the company grew from here on in. At that time there weren’t that many Graffiti companies and Gasface was one of the first in the UK to put Graffiti on clothing."




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