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August 03, 2005

Kaws GITD Companion Figure in BLUE !!!

Here some great news for the people who tried to get there hands on the GITD Companian by Kaws, but did not manage. This email now went around:

"What we would like to do is offer a new BLUE Glow Companion version(the figure will look white when it is not glowing) that we will produce especially for those who missed out on the first one. If this is something that interests you, please reply to info@kawsone.com with the word YES in the subject header. There will be a limit of 2 pieces per person and the price will be $180 + shipping(and tax if you live in NY). As far as payment goes, we will only ask you to make payment when the figures are ready to ship out from NY."

So, for all of you who missed out, this is your chance. The describtion sounds very cool, so go for it. Info via A Small Forest of Thought.




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